Call to Action: Time to Re-Stoke the Fires?

Our Bloedel Blog welcomes guest author John Coupar, President, Friends of the Bloedel.

The Friends of the Bloedel Team is concerned that the expected positive vote on Sept. 20, may not be as definitive as expected. The bottom line is we are very concerned that we may not have clear approval of our proposal on Monday September 20, 2010 as expected. This is in clear contrast to the fact that on July 20th the Services and Budgets Committee stated the following:

“The Committee thanked the Delegations for their comments and FOB/VBGA for the hard work on their proposal. The Committee expressed support for the FOBA/VBGA proposal and endorsed it going before the Board for approval in September. Staff will begin working with FOBA and VBGA on details of the proposal immediately”.

I would like to point out I have made various attempts since then to reach out to Park Board staff regarding the details, to date this meeting has not happened. The Park Board has before it a well thought out plan. The few details which need to be tweaked are not of major consequence, a delay at this point will send a very negative signal to the public as well as stakeholders. Since the July 20th meeting which we all took as a clear signal of approval we have wasted no time getting started, the Friend of Bloedel Directors have had extensive meetings with VBGA staff regarding education, marketing, plant acquisition, fund raising, events, the list goes on. Donors are waiting for the amalgamation of our two groups to trigger additional funds to our efforts. The Park Board approval is also the trigger for our two groups to move forward with our amalgamation. Any delay here as the potential of derailing critical plans to bring the Bloedel back to the asset we know it can be. I implore Park Board staff and Commissioners to show good faith and confidence in our work, let us have a clear decision and support of our proposal Monday, September 20th. We are prepared to meet any time this week and over the the upcoming weekends if needed. I know it is possible to present the Board with a late distribution report on this matter if needed. We have all worked to hard on this to allow processing to slow it down.

To all of our supporters and friends, I encourage you to contact the Vancouver Park Board Commissioners and urge them to be decisive in this process to move forward in a positive way.


John Coupar, President, Friends of the Bloedel Association

1 Comment

  1. Bill McCreery said,

    September 11, 2010 at 4:37 am

    Fully behind you John + executive.

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