‘Of Birds and Botany’ Moves On to Semifinals!


The Bloedel Conservatory ‘Of Birds and Botany’ project is going directly through to the Semifinals in the Aviva Community Fund Competition!

Thank You for voting!!

The Aviva Competition was created to help make a positive impact in Canadian communities – by providing education, youth programs, and helping the environment. If we’re successful in the Semifinal and Final Round, the VBGA will work with teachers, the Friends of the Bloedel Association, members and other community partners to design programs for kids and families in areas of ecology, conservation, botany and birds.

Specifically, if we secure funding for “Of Birds and Botany“, it will help to:

• Design and conduct field trip programs for elementary school students

• Offer free educational programming to students at selected inner-city schools in Vancouver

• Make terrariums with students for display at their school

• Design and conduct family programs on weekends

• Design and conduct a diversity of workshops for teachers and the general public.

All exciting and great ways to experience our tropical oasis at the top of QE park! Keep your voting fingers ready for December 2nd! We will need everyone’s help again to push through to the Final Round and win $25,000!


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