6 Top Reasons to Visit the Jewel Box of Lights!

“Bloedel is a Jewel Box as are the stars, and at Queen Elizabeth Park, you can almost touch the heavens on a clear night” ~ T. Clark

#1:  It’s Warm Inside!

Take a break from the rainy winter weather outside! Step inside, shed your rain jacket and take in the lush tropical wonderland. It’s like a mini-trip to a Costa Rica without the expense of a plane ticket!

#2: The new expanded Light Display is magical!

The staff at Bloedel pulled out all the stops for the 41st Anniversary of the Conservatory! The tropical plant kingdom under the dome has been transformed into a glowing magical masterpiece! Twinkling waterfalls of lights and special laser effects are a must see this year. Grab a coffee or hot chocolate from The Blue Parrot Coffee Hut outside and come in to enjoy the show. To see the lights at their full brilliance, plan a visit at 4 pm or later. Extended hours are in effect until January 2nd: Sunday – Thursday: 10 am – 8 pm; Friday – Saturday 10 am – 9 pm.

#3: It’s Unique!

“I’ve walked around this pathway multiple times today and I see something new every single time!”

This was a common comment from visitors last Sunday at our Opening Event! The gardeners at Bloedel have worked very hard to keep plant displays top notch this season. Just like a real rainforest, there is so much to see! Not only are the lights spectacular,  but look high up in the trees! See real papaya, figs and bananas growing, then see if you can find the poinsettias with rhinestones on the tips of their petals. Of course the free flying birds are always on the move, so you are likely to spot one that you have not seen before.

#4: The Conservatory is great for kids of all ages!

Children and seniors especially love Bloedel because you can get up close to the beautiful and exotic birds! See Clyde, the rare Eastern Rosella Parrot, happily munch an apple at the feeding station, while many of the Zebra finches, Laughing Thrushes, and colourful Chinese Pheasants wander along the pathway. Perfect to stop and take photos of our beautiful feathered friends. And we encourage you to stop and smell the flowers!

Bloedel is fully wheelchair accessible, so it’s easy to sit close to the parrots and macaws and watch their antics or have a chat! Handy Bird Guides and Scavenger Hunts are available at the front counter. A trip to Bloedel is a great outing for the whole family!

#5: Destress during the holidays!

Feeling exhausted and stressed from holiday preparations? Did you know Bloedel is a healing garden? Not only are the festive lights a joy to look at, but hearing the sound of the waterfall, the birds happily chattering, and taking in the warmth and greenery of the dome will naturally unwind and relax you. Studies show spending time in gardens and green space not only lowers your blood pressure, but it actually decreases stress hormones in your body! Come for a visit, find a bench, take a deep breath and re-charge your energy!

#6: The price is right!

This is the best admission price in the city of Vancouver! $5.35 for Adults; Seniors & Youth $3.75; Kids 6-12  $2.70; Preschoolers – Free. Be sure to enter from the 33rd and Ontario Street entrance to avoid the construction.

The Jewel Box of Lights Event runs until January 2nd, 2011

Sunday – Thursday: 10 am – 8 pm

Friday – Saturday: 10 am – 9 pm

Come in and see us today!


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