Making Hearts Happy!

As much as I visit the Bloedel Conservatory, our green oasis at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park, I rarely take time to read the Visitor Comment Book. But today was different. Today, I was waiting for a friend and didn’t want to stray too far from the front door. To bide time, I began to look through the pages of the Visitor Book. There were many heartfelt raves like “Wonderful!”, “Beautiful!”,  and “Wow!” However, I was not prepared for the more creative comments and touching sentiments.

These comments ranged from “Mindblowing” to “You need monkeys!”, to “Splendifulous“, “Breathtaking” and “Bellisimo“. “This is our first date here and we loved it“, “Will brag to everyone that I was here!” and from Sairin and Mustafa of India You made our hearts so happy! Thank you!

I was thrilled to see visitors hailing from near and far – not only local visitors from all over BC and every Canadian province, but also from around the globe. Here is testament that our little Conservatory truly is a World destination! I read page upon page of comments from Holland, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, China, Slovenia, England, Finland, Romania, Ireland, South Korea, Philippines, Italy, India, Switzerland, New Zealand, Venezuela and the Czech Republic (to name a few).

At that moment, I was so proud to have played a part in saving the Bloedel Conservatory! I think Bill Livingstone and Stuart Lefeaux, the two men who had the grand vision to build this floral conservatory would be very proud. Not to mention, this is exactly what Prentice Bloedel desired when he put forward the funding to build the dome: to showcase the beauty of the tropics through amazing floral displays and to familiarize and inspire people of all ages with the world of plants. I do hope the gardeners and staff at the Conservatory take a moment from time to time to read the Visitor’s Book. It is an uplifting tribute to their ongoing dedication and hard work that keeps the magic of the dome alive. Absolute enjoyment!”, “Fantastic!“, “Magnifique!” 

Post by Vicky Earle, Vice President, Friends of the Bloedel

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