Young Emma Boosts Finch Collection at Bloedel

The Friends of Bloedel received a wonderful and heart warming surprise last week! Emma Bolzner, one of our biggest (and youngest!) supporters, recently turned 12 years old. Instead of receiving gifts on her birthday, she asked party guests to make a donation to the Friends of Bloedel in her honour. Her wish was that the donation be used for the birds at the Conservatory. Thanks to Emma, we have given the Australian finch population a boost!

Red-headed Gouldian Finch assessing the open door to freedom at the Bloedel Conservatory.

Emma’s tremendous generosity is no surprise to us. You see, she has been an avid supporter of the Bloedel Conservatory since she was 9 years old! Since that time, she has raised over $750 for the Friends of Bloedel, gave presentations at her school and gathered over 200 signatures on a petition to save the Conservatory when it was under threat of closure.

Brilliantly coloured Orange-headed Gouldian finch enjoying breakfast at the feeding station.

Emma and her mother Christina were present at the dome for the finch release last Saturday, as were the Friends of Bloedel President Vicky Earle, Vancouver Park Board Commissioner Melissa De Genova and Park Board Commissioner John Coupar.

Left to Right: Park Board Commissioner Melissa De Genova, Emma Bolzner, Park Board Commissioner John Coupar.

We are thrilled to receive this wonderful donation! The brilliant colours of the new birds are already causing much excitement for visitors at the Conservatory. Thank you Emma! You are one extraordinary young lady!

Red-throated Parrot finch. Photo courtesy of Trisha Shear.

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  1. October 22, 2012 at 5:21 pm

    Wow, I personally know Emma and she is one of the most remarkable young women I have ever met. She has wisdom beyond her years….and such a passion for the most interesting things…and her passion for Bloedel is so wonderful……congratulations Emma on another job well done!!!! Barbara Laird

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